Week 1 Bible Readings

New Testament

1 January:  Matthew 1:1-2:12

2 January:  Matthew 2:13-3:17

3 January:  Matthew 4:1-5:12

4 January:  Matthew 5:13-48

5 January:  Matthew 6

6 January:  Matthew 7:1-23

7 January:  Matthew 7:24-8:34

Old Testament

1 January:  Psalm 1-3

2 January:  Psalm 4-6

3 January:  Psalm 7-9

4 January:  Psalm 10-12

5 January:  Psalm 13-15

6 January:  Psalm 16, 17

7 January:  Psalm 18, 19



  1. Hey Michael,
    Last year I didn’t follow through too well with reading of Scripture. Of course there was plenty of other reading that WAS done… By God’s grace I will prepare my heart each day in reading God’s Word. We’ll see when I catch up; thank you for your persistence in encouraging others to honor God through reading the Bible. Keep the faith.

    • Thanks, brother. This year I am using a much simpler plan. One time through the Old Testament and one time through the New Testament. (It should make it a bit easier to catch up!) I’ll be praying for you as you eat the word this year.


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