Keys to Helping Others Discover Jesus, Part 3 – Mercy

What if followers of Christ and the Community of Faith (the Church) saw its resources as a means of blessing others? How would that impact the way the Good News of Jesus is seen and received by our friends, neighbors and communities? The following blog is by Randy Adams, executive director of the Northwest Baptist Convention.


Last week at the Oasis retreat a pastor reported that a 71 year-old man and his wife prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior the previous Sunday. Interestingly, the couple had been serving at the church’s monthly feeding ministry for years, but did not attend church worship services. Then, surprisingly, they came to church that Sunday, professing Christ and requesting baptism. I say “surprisingly,” but the Spirit’s work in the hearts of that couple reflects a familiar story in the long history of the Church. When God’s people show mercy to the hungry and hurting, and do so in Jesus’ name as a testimony to the power of the gospel, hearts and minds open to Jesus in new ways.

When I was beginning my pastoral ministry, someone told me that if I will look for hurting people, broken people, and love them and show mercy toward them, that…

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Bible Plan 2014 (Week 23)

Track 1

Deuteronomy 8; Psalm 91

Deuteronomy 9; Psalms 92, 93

Deuteronomy 10; Psalm 94

Deuteronomy 11; Psalms 95, 96

Deuteronomy 12; Psalm 97, 98

Deuteronomy 13, 14; Psalms 99-101

Deuteronomy 15; Psalm 102


Track 2

Isaiah 36; Revelation 6

Isaiah 37; Revelation 7

Isaiah 38; Revelation 8

Isaiah 39; Revelation 9

Isaiah 40; Revelation 10

Isaiah 41; Revelation 11

Isaiah 42; Revelation 12

Keys to Helping Others Discover Jesus, Part 2 – Listening

What if we listened more than we talked? Would we hear the heart of the people around us and then be able to point them to The Story for help? The following is a blog by Randy Adams, executive director of the Northwest Baptist Convention.


Everyone knows that you can look ten pounds thinner with a well-known slimming trick: clothing with vertical lines elongate your shape and give you a more svelte appearance, right? Wrong! Vision scientists Peter Thompson and Kyriaki Mikellidou say that what we learned about wearing vertical stripes, and not wearing horizontal stripes, is exactly backwards. Vertical stripes on clothing make the wearer appear fatter and shorter than horizontal stripes do. Horizontal stripes actually make objects appear taller and narrower. This phenomenon was reported by German physicist and physician, Hermann von Heimholtz, 150 years ago. Heimholtz’s report never got picked up by clothing designers, but now we know that he did indeed have a great eye for fashion (Scientific American Mind, July-August, 2012).

I love it when long-held assumptions are challenged and proven wrong, partly because it encourages me to test some of my own assumptions. We grow up thinking and learning…

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Keys to Helping Others Discover Jesus – Introduction

What’s it like to help people in the Northwest discover Jesus? What are some of the ways we can help? The following is an article from Randy Adams, executive director of the Northwest Baptist Convention.


While in seminary I pastored a church in the small Texas town of Italy.  They were a wonderful people, and largely a church-going people.  I’ll never forget a man I led to Christ and baptized who later told me that he was invited to our church shortly after he moved to town.  The invitation went something like this: “You’re starting a business in town and it will help your business if you join our church.”  The man was not yet a Christian, but he knew that you don’t join a church to help your business!

That said, the truth was, it would have helped his business to have joined our church.  One way I describe the difference between church-life in the Bible-belt versus the Northwest is that no one joins a church in the Northwest to help their business.  And politicians don’t frequent churches in the Northwest during election season…

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