Balancing Ambition and Contentment

My friend Rev. Mudd has a new post on how to balance Godly ambition and grateful contentment. Let me encourage you to click over to it here and offer an encouraging comment.

One way I think the twin ideas of ambition and contentment can be applied is in our faith and work. We should be ambitious in our good work for the glory of God. Yet, we should be content in our faith in his work for us. Rev. Mudd nuances it differently–and probably much more practically! Check it out.


What’s your thing?

A lot of Christians have a life verse or a motto of some sort, something specific that guides their lives. I like the conclusion that these three (giants in the Church) come up with.

It’s actually worth scrolling to the bottom of the page and watching the videos in order from the bottom, up.

I have so appreciated these men and their ministries. If you haven’t yet, you need to read one of their books. They have written some classics.