If you’re like me you’ve been reading blogs for a while. Some of them you come back to often. And to some of them you never return. I hope this one will be one of the former. And I hope it will be for a couple of reasons. Both reasons have to do with my love for God’s word and my desire to see believers reading and understanding it.

First, a challenge for you. At the beginning of the year I issued a challenge to the folks at my church. It went something like this: read the Bible through in a year, and memorize Scripture each week. So on this blog each week I’ll be issuing a challenge: Scripture to read and to memorize that week. I hope you’ll take the challenge with me!

Second, a challenge for me. Every so often I will share an insight from God’s word. It may come from my personal Bible reading. It may come from a passage I’m studying in more detail. It may come from something I’ve heard or read. Or maybe I’ll just pass along a link to something more interesting than my own blog! Whatever the case, I will be challenged to put my thoughts into words with which you’ll be able to interact.

And that’s what I hope you’ll do along the way. Feel free to share your own insights with me and ask questions. I look forward to walking according to God’s word with you.


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